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How QR codes help business

How can Designer QR codes help my business? What can I use them for?

We’ve broken this down into 3 stages:

  • STAGE 1 - basic use of designer QR codes
  • STAGE 2 - next level uses
  • STAGE 3 - advanced uses

Of course, this is changing every day as people find new uses for designer QR code technology, and certain sectors may wish to tackle advanced uses immediately – ultimately, the choice is yours.



On business cards – direct scanners to your online resume, small business Facebook page or website, to import your contact info

On marketing material – brochures, fliers, programs, handouts, powerpoints, conference name tags and so on. Qr codes will direct scanners to where you want them to go

On product packaging – does your product needs installation? A QR code can lead it straight to a how-to video, (helps sell product, help with install, help reduce call-centre traffic)

A Flickr photo set or Twitter feed

A mobile friendly landing page that promotes a new product or campaign

QR code window decals/newspaper/magazine ads

Point of sale information – source, specials, recipes, etc.

For freebies - reward scanners with a 10% discount. Give them something to thank them for their patronage

Call us or email us – scan this code to place your order



Business uses might be:

  • to a coupon for 10% off the first visit
  • to a contest
  • to a useful branded app
  • direct mail – call us / watch a video / launch website / be in to win
  • to your in-store card to allow payment at checkout
  • from a sign in your window to reviews of your establishment
  • to a video testimonial from a happy customer
  • from an ad to your 1-800 order hotline
  • to a Google map to your nearby locations


Product uses might be:

  • to a coupon for a freebie/sample
  • to a video product demonstration
  • from product to a recipe, cooking demo, or serving photo
  • from ads to mobile shopping
  • on appliances when the customer has lost a manual
  • to clues for a treasure hunt
  • to comparison shopping among major retailers
  • from your product to your customer service line
  • from properties/items ‘for sale’ sign to a sales agent
  • from product packaging to a mobile registration site
  • to read/write a review
  • to nutritional info or material safety data sheet
  • to order refills online
  • to a survey about your product (with a reward)
  • to your inventory, so you, your staff or your customers knows what’s in stock
  • to a customer service or fan forum


Self-promotion might be:

  • from your business card to your Facebook profile
  • from your business card to your Twitter stream
  • from your business card to your Linkedin account
  • from your business card to your blog
  • to a video interview with you
  • from your avatar to your blog
  • from your power point to your preferred social profile
  • from your t-shirt to your blog’s RSS feed or any of the above


Non-profit/charity uses might be:

  • to a donation page
  • to an interactive map of your organisation’s work throughout your city
  • to an augmented reality view of your city’s issues
  • to sponsorship opportunities
  • to a video of a successful user of your organisation’s services saying thanks
  • to a testimonial
  • to mobile updates on disaster situations
  • to requests for supplies and volunteers
  • to a petition
  • to contact your government about an advocacy issue
  • to a hotline providing hope or help


STAGE 3 uses

Outdoor billboard

Interactive TV – prolong your ad outside the medium, or to give extra information about backstory, weather/traffic conditions, breaking news etc. Leads to expanded video content.

Real estate signs – scan for a virtual video or photo tour

Museum or historical site markers – scan for audio/video commentary or additional text information

Restaurant menus – scan code for ingredients, recipes or nutritional info

Restaurant business or postcards – scan to make a reservation

Media – scan for bonus content

Maps – how to get from here to….

Movie ads – scan to watch trailer

In store – ad scan codes to signage for specials, wayfinding etc.

Instruction manuals – scan code to watch installation

Invoice – turn an invoice into a marketing tool

Video gaming – add bonus content, clues, rewards and links

Temporary tattoos - you name it!

Clothing / T-shirts or uniforms – create an interactive guest experience

Video bolt-on – scan code at the end of the video to take you to another point of interest.

Cereal box cards – scan the code to see video of the athlete/sports hero in action

PayPal payments – scan this code to make a donation

Rubber stamp 

Buildings - live tweets converted to QR codes displayed on digital billboards

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